Emerson Veriv UPS


The Adaptive Power Manager For Your Dynamic IT Infrastructure
The Liebert° APM is the compact UPS system designed to protect small medium computer rooms, with maximum energy efficiency in minimum footprint.

It features FlexPower TM technology, which incorporated distributed intelligence and scalable power in a common assembly.

It is suitable for small and medium businesses with the attitude to grow fast thanks to its architecture that enables the UPS system capacity to start as low as 30kW which can grow with the business up to 600kW*

Lowest Cost Of Ownership

Liebert" APM™is designed to minimize capital equipment expense, to protect your technology investment
and to optimize operational efficiency

Enhanced Operational Flexibility
In response to the future demands for new technologies, adaptability to customer and market's changing,
Vertiv has developed a scalable platform that allows you to configure your own AC Power system with basic building blocks.

"All The Power You Need, Just The Power You Need"
With Liebert" APM™ you can deploy power modules that best match your system rating and its enhanced flat efficiency curve Cupto 96%for load above 30% and up to 94%for loads above 20%)

Higher System Availability

Liebert" APM™ provides a mission-critical technology minimizing the single points of failure in your infrastructure. A UPSS that delivers the highest possible level of availability to your IT system, with Liebert proven reliability, and by reducing MTTR with the new hot-swappable power modules.

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Liebert" NXC™ offer reliable and flexible secure power in a fully integrated package solution. It comes complete with highly efficient transformer-free double conversion technology providing installation and running cost savings.

With a rated output power factor of 0.9 Liebert" NXC™ is also able to provide 10% more active power than a traditional 10-60kVA UPS. Liebert" NXC™'S combination of performance features. impressive integrated autonomy and compact footprint make it ideal for guaranteeing clean. continuous. continuous power of a wide range of applications from IT and manufacturing to retail and transport.
l.iebert" NXC™ achieves up to 95.5% eiciency in double conversion mode and up to 99% in ECO mode ensuring eective load protection while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and environmental impact.

- 0.9 output power factor
- Double conversion efficiency up to 95.5%
- ECO mode efficiency up to 99%
- Input current total harmonic distortion correction CTH00<5%
- Input/output and bypasscircuit breakers
- Integrated manual bypass
- Integrated parallel load bus and synchronizationport CLBS)
- Integrated Battery Backup

The Liebert" NXC™is a compact solution designed to optimize installation space requirements and provide enhanced flexibility to ensure superior protection for all load types (leading and lagging). Its low THDi «5%) and active input power factor correction ensure that the UPS absorbs less current from the upstream distribution network, thus eliminating the need for oversizing gensets and other equipment.
Everything from installation and electrical infrastructure requirements to energy consumption and real estate costs have been taken in to consideration to deliver this flexible solution. The Liebert" NXC™flexibility is further enhanced through:
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Manufacturing and supply
Generators, Gensets, D.G. Sets, UPS, Inverters, Lift Inveters, Stabilizers, LT HT Panels, Distribution Panels, APFC Panels, PLC Panels, Transformers, RMU Kiosks, Sound Proof Cabinets, Accoustic Enclosures, Genset Canopy, Genset Trolleys, Lift Inverters, Constant Voltage Transfrmers, SMF Batteries