Acoustic Enclosure

Technical Details For Sound Proof Acoustic Enclosure :

  • We at Jaideep Power Solution Pvt LTD manufacture an acoustic enclosure with our innovative techniques and keeping in view the following :
  • Adequate ventilation for Genset cooling air requirement.
  • Absorbent / insulating material used is fire radiant.
  • Suitable thermal lagging to avoid localized heating of adjoining part of exhaust.
  • Easy access to service points on Gensets. The engine is easily maintainable
  • Temp. of enclosure does not exceed beyond 7 deg. of ambient temp.
  • 75DbA at 1 mtr. Distance as per CPCB Norms.
  • 7 Tanks anti rust treatement Process is being used on Panel.
  • High Class Powder quoting is being done on all the Panels for better finish and long life of Panels.
  • Heavy duty stainless Steal Locks.
  • Provision for Lighting Arrangement inside the Acoustic Enclosure.
  • Rockwool of 96 Density will be used.
  • Wall thickness 100mm.

Specifications :

  • Outer Body : 1.6MM THK, (16G) COM
  • Doors : 1.6MM THK, (16G) CRCA SHEET
  • Sound Insulation : 50 MM THK.
Ready Panel Shrink Wrap view
Mfg Process of 750 KVA Acoustic Enclosure

Accoustic Box for DG set
Soundproof Box for DG set
Accoustic Box for DG set
Soundproof Box for DG set
Accoustic Box for DG set
Soundproof Box for DG set

Manufacturing and supply
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