Lift Inveter

Stuck in a Lift Now What ?
* Children and Senior citizens may undergo exposure to high stress.
* You may miss an important Meeting, a flight or a train
* Sudden darkness and suffocation may create immense discomfort
* A single lady stuck with unknown men may be most frightening.

What is the solution ?
Lift Inverter - When the mains is on, it automatically recharges and keeps the batteries in top condition. When mains fails it continuous to run the lift and bring it to a halt at the next floor. The cabin bulb remains on and doors of the automatic lift opens on reaching the next floor. Thus it enables safe walk-out for passengers - a real boon in these days of unpredictable power failures!
Sr. No. Description
1. Technology Microprocessor Based Intelligent UPS using IGBT, PWM Technology, Double conversion with Isolation at output.
2. Switching Frequency High Frequency Design Ensures.
Low Switching Loses.
Purity Of sine-wave.
Ultra-fast Transient Response.
Very Low Noise.
3. Wide Input Range 180V-460V AC (Three Phase) for 8.0 To
100KVA 45 Hz - 55Hz.
4. Accurate Output On Inverter Mode 415V AC + /-1.0 % ( Three Phase)
50 Hz +/- 0.1% (Crystal Controlled)
5. Ratings 5.0/8.0/10.0 KVA. Upto 100KVA
6. Output Power Factor 0.8 Lagging to unity
7. Transient Response

For 100% step Load change output stays within +/-5%

And recovers within 5 msecs .i.e ¼ cyclic.

Other Manufacturer normally offer much slower recovery

i.e. within 40 msec (2 cycles). 4 :1

8. Crest Factor Metering Latest LCD/DPM Panel Meter to display following parameters (Optional ).
Output Voltage.
Input Voltage.
Battery Voltage.
Output frequency.
Input Frequency.
Charge/discharge Current.
Status related to UPS working Like Load on UPS, Balance
Battery Back-up. Charger O.K , DC Over –Voltage, Phase –fail etc, shall be provided.
9. Wave Form Pure Sinewave
10. Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C,, 95% R H (Maximum)
  Relative Humidity Our UPS has passed Environment – Test from Defence. Laboratory Of R & D E ( Engineers) Dighi, Pune.
11 Inverter Efficiency Better than 90%.
12 Charger Efficiency 85% Typical
13 Input Harmonic Distortion Less than 10 % typical.
14 Genset Compatility UPS Systems is fully compatillity to any type of genset.
15 Protections Output Over Voltage.
Output Overload.
Output Short Circuit.
Battery Under- Voltage.
Forced Air –Cooling to protect electronic & other components from overheating.
16 Indication Mains/ charger ON.
17 Alarms

Mains Fails (Musical Alarm).
Battery Low Warning ( Musical alarm)

18 Low Noise Less than or Equal to 45 db (A) (Standard) at 1.0 mtr
19 By pass Arrangement Manual By –Pass Provided.
20 Battery Charger Charger is designed on Boost/Trigger (CCCV) principal to keep Batteries in top condition. Pulsating-current design ensures long Battery life.
21 Enclosures I P 21
22 Cooling Provided force Cooling
23 User Manual

Provided with each UPS system.

Also Available on website.

Manufacturing and supply
Generators, Gensets, D.G. Sets, UPS, Inverters, Lift Inveters, Stabilizers, LT HT Panels, Distribution Panels, APFC Panels, PLC Panels, Transformers, RMU Kiosks, Sound Proof Cabinets, Accoustic Enclosures, Genset Canopy, Genset Trolleys, Lift Inverters, Constant Voltage Transfrmers, SMF Batteries