Supernova DG Set (Perkins) Range 400KVA To 2250KVA

Supernova Diesel Electric Gensets are powered by Perkins Diesel Engine ranging from 400kVA to 2250kVA. Each Supernova Diesel Electric Genset is manufactured under stringent quality assurance process and undergoes in-house testing. Engine performance corresponds to ISO 3046, BS 5514 and DIN6271. The technical data applies to an engine operating on a fuel with a calorific value of 42.7 MJ/Kg(10200 Kcal/Kg) and a density of 0.86 Kg/Liter and as per BS 2869 Part 2 1998 Class A2 or ASTM D975D2. AC Generator performance corresponds to IEC-34, IS-4722 The unmatched fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance are the key factors which makes them preferred choice of customers.

Salient features:
• Six Cylinder in Line upto 750kVA, eight Cylinder Inline for 1010 kVA
• Twelve Cylinder VEE Engine from 1250kVA to 1700kVA D.G. Set application
• Compact Size for Easier Transportation and Installation
• High Block Loading Capability Due to Split Exhaust System
• Commonality of Components Over the Entire Series of Engines
• Low Operating and Maintenance cost
• Excellent Power to Weight Ratio
• Designed to Provide Excellent Service Access for Ease of Maintenance

Types for D.G. Sets
• Open Type D.G.Sets (above 1010 kVA)
• Silent D.G. Sets (Mandatory up to 1000 kVA)
• Containerized D.G. Sets

Standard Scope Comprising Of :
Diesel Engine / AC Generator / base frame / Standard Control Panel
/ Radiator / Silencer / Battery & Battery Cables / AVMs / First Fill of Lub. Oil
/ First Fill of Coolant / D.G. Set Controller / fuel tank / wiring harness / Sensors.

Options Available :
• Voltage Options:415V / HT-3.3/6.6 /11 kv
• Cooling Systems: Remote Radiator / Heat Exchanger
• Electrical Options: Auto Mains Failure / Auto Synchronizing Panels / CRM / NIS/ NGR/VCB
• Standard Switchgear - L&T/Schneider, other makes can be offered on request
• Standard Controllers - Woodward / DIEF / DeepSea, other makes can be offered on request

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Manufacturing and supply
Generators, Gensets, D.G. Sets, UPS, Inverters, Lift Inveters, Stabilizers, LT HT Panels, Distribution Panels, APFC Panels, PLC Panels, Transformers, RMU Kiosks, Sound Proof Cabinets, Accoustic Enclosures, Genset Canopy, Genset Trolleys, Lift Inverters, Constant Voltage Transfrmers, SMF Batteries