Having started our operations in the year 2004 developing WATER TREATMENT AND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM for the pharma and chemical industries, we have grown at an enviable pace surpassing our targets and client expectations.

We have continuously been multiplying our capabilities by developing manufacturing units and investing in R & D putting to use state of art technology and innovating to meet the ever growing customer needs.

Today we can design, develop and commission complete turnkey solution for any type of water treatment and distribution needs be it HIGH PURITY PIPING, REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS, DEMENERILIZATION PLANT, STERILE WATER OR ULTRA FILTRATION PLANTS OF any capacity the most recent achievement being 20,000 LPH plant developed for a pharma major.

We can also give the benefit of our experience and expertise to other industries like FOOD AND BEVERAGE, CEMENT OR OFFSHORE PLANTS, you name it we can do it.


The Way Forward as WE ENVISION it

a. Grow a diversified global Business

b. Continuous enhancements in technology

c. Deliver more Products of value

d. Simplify the operating model


The Way forward in terms of GEOGRAPHIES

  • India
  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • South America
  • North America


  • 2004 Started operation catering to high end purity solutions for Pharma Water.
  • 2005 Exported first "Pharma Water System".
  • 2007 Acquires 75000 sq. ft. land in Palghar, 100 km away from Mumbai to build state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to meet their expanding need.
  • 2008 Leaves open the door for new Manufacturing facility
  • 2009 Expanded product portfolio by adding sterile manufacturing vessel, CIP / SIP
  • 2010 Forays into water treatment plants for F & B industry
  • 2011 Annual growth 53% (YOY)
  • 2012 Won largest high purity water treatment plant order of 20,000 LPH for an esteemed Pharma Company
  • 2013 Draws plan to acquire one more manufacturing facility to meet ever expanding needs.


How we do it?

  • Study of source water analysis in detail
  • Stagewise water quality from individual equipment
  • Water mass balance
  • Operating cost of water
  • P & ID
  • Commercial proposal
  • Manufacturing of plant
  • FAT
  • Compilation of Welding documentation
  • Delivery of plant
  • FAT report and IQ-/OQ-/Documents
  • Compilation of technical documentation
  • Release of IQ-/OQ-Documents by client
  • Installation
  • Execution of IQ and OQ on site
  • Preparation and release of IQ-/OQ-reports
  • Copy of documents
  • Hand over


The Way Forward

  • Grow a diversified global Business
  • Continuous enhancements in technology
  • Deliver more Products of value
  • Simplify the operating model



To be a global leader in "Water Systems" and creating endless possibilities in purity



Becoming the fastest growing companyto all our stakeholders Creating true value and satisfaction to all our customers Creating an environment of professionalism through continuous training and development of team

Manufacturing and supply
Generators, Gensets, D.G. Sets, UPS, Inverters, Lift Inveters, Stabilizers, LT HT Panels, Distribution Panels, APFC Panels, PLC Panels, Transformers, RMU Kiosks, Sound Proof Cabinets, Accoustic Enclosures, Genset Canopy, Genset Trolleys, Lift Inverters, Constant Voltage Transfrmers, SMF Batteries